Types of Memory

Apa types of memory yang anda tahu???

Saya tahu ramai ingat types of memory hanya ada 2 sahaja.  Sebelah kanan dan kiri.  Mari kira recall balik apa maksud memory.  Recall, Ability to remember, Power of recollection and Mental Retention.

Let me give you some quote
 "The true art of memory is the art of attention"
"Bad memory is associated with forgetting"

Let me tell you all that types of memory have 3


Memory that is personal to you and has to deal with your own experiences.


Memory that holds your general world knowledge.  Your knowledge of language is a category of semantic memory.  Another category is conceptual knowledge like concepts, ideas and relationships.


Memory stores the motor skills that you need to play games.  You never tend to forget them but yet find it hard to explain.  Try explaining how to drive a car, its hard but you do it.

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