I was in Auckland. Yeah!!!

That's 11 hours and 20 minutes direct-flight face just for you.  Touchdown at Queen Street then check in hotel at Auckland City Hotel.

Eco Ride. nice transport!

colorful =D

while waiting for the key

My room..Extra bed for my lil sis 

Nice toilet huh?? See!! this hotel welcome malaysian guest. orchid flower.

View from Auckland City Hotel

Ini sangat penting untuk salai baju sejuk ..LOL

Simpan beg semua then terus berjalan - jalan 

Church at Queen Street

Sky City

Auckland Tower. Unfortunately, tak dapat naik sebab tutup..Musim summer semua kedai tutup pukul 4 petang.


Cute right?

It's hard to find halal food, so this one and only halal restaurant that we can eat.

Lamb on rice. Yummy!!

Watched movie just 1 dollar? seriously very cheap! Marathon Movie time that day.

Transport Centre

Strawberry sangat-sangat fresh and cheap okay!

Welcome to Auckland street market.  In malaysia like " pasar malam" .

More update soon! Stay tuned.


  1. Wah, bestnyer gi ausi... How long? During christmas time ka???

  2. 8 days 6 night....before christmas kitaorg g....