Recipe and tips

Eika : fiza, nak recipe and tips.. bila nak bagi??

fiza : as soon as possible... finally today i give u darl....

Recipe and tips?? must all of you think that i will give cooking recipe and tips right? haha... Actually no.. It is "RECIPE FOR SUCCESS and 10 TIPS GROW HEALTHY".   Two thing that i should post last week but busy with final exam short semester.. 


STEP 1 : Fill the bowl with going to class.

STEP 2 : Fold in 5 to 6 hours per day for studying.

STEP 3 : Mix 1 to 3 hours per week for club and organization.

STEP 4 : Add at least 3 hours per week for exercise and physical recreation.

STEP 5 : Blend in a healthy diet.

STEP 6 : Stir in a calendar book or journal book or your lovely diary.

STEP 7 : Mix well with 7 to 9 hours of lovely nightime sleep.

STEP 8 : Sprinkle with energy, motivation and desire to keep improving at whatever you do.

STEP 9 : Bake well with routine. 

Haaaa, itu baru resipi dia... sebentar lagi baru 10 tips sihat.... 


- Stay in  out of trouble.

- Aim for greater height. ( macam mana ya? )

- Stay focus. 

- Exercise to maintain good health.

- Practice teamwork.

- Rely on your trusted partner.

- Save for rainy day.

- Take time to relax.

- Always take time to smile. Dont be sad

- Realize that nothing is impossible.

Itu lah dia 10 tips..  =D

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