Always do your best

Pejam celik-pejam celik dah nak masuk penghujung bulan jun dan makanya itu bermakna final exam untuk short semester semakin hampir. Hampir sekian lama aku tak hupdate apa-apa ke dalam blog comel aku ini. (Perasan sebentar)

Find your strength,
Search for the smile that makes everything brighter.
Let the light within you shine.
Hang in there,
even thought that can be easier said than done.
Have faith, never let go of hope.
Go forward and reach out a little further.
If you believe you can,
then you will make it through.
Listen to your heart.
Don't settle for less.

Nice pose =)


  1. hUman' will-A kind of power that so mysterious yet so powerful..Go, chhaiyok2...^^