Apa yang anda tahu tentang membaca?

Hello buddies, sorry it took forever as I was occupied with my studies and here I am... :)

What is reading?? 

 Let me tell you what is reading all about....

READING  can be defined as a SEVEN PART PROCESS comprised of the following steps : 


The reader's knowledge of the alphabetic symbols is put into use. This steps takes place almost before the physical aspect of reading begins.


This is the physical process from which light is reflected from the word and is received by the eye, then transmitted via the optic nerve to the brain.


This is the equivalent to basic comprehension and refers to the linking of all parts of the information being read with all other appropriate parts.


This includes analysis, criticism, appreciation, selection and rejection.  The process in which the reader brings the whole body of his previous knowledge to what he is reading, making the appropriate connections.


This is basically the storage of information.  Storage can itself be a problem.  Most readers will have experienced entering an examination room and storing most of their information during the two hour exam period !  Storage, then, is not enough and must be accompanied by recall.


This is the ability to get back out of storage, that which is needed, preferably when it is needed.


This is the use to which the information is immediately or eventually part.